Shilpa Bhasin's magical appeal as an anchor can be best experienced live, whether you watch her talking the stage or observe her expounding words during a shoot, you can sense the magic in the air. Now counting her 10th year as a Live Host ,Reality TV Face & Vlogger ,she is one of India's leading live talents and an orator of distinguished reputation. Based in the capital Delhi, She is a daughter of a true social activist, Reknowned Business Man & Child psychology Gold Medalist. ALL INDIA CBSE TOPPER, she comes armed with a degree in Mass Communication from Jagan Institute of Management Sciences. She is a guest faculty for the subject of anchoring with JIMS, Delhi.Shilpa is also a prolific writer for leading industry platforms and publications.

Her spontaneity, dynamic personality, vibrance, the ability to rule the stage, her audience too and her legendary professionalism mark her a cut above the rest. Whether a corporate, government, lifestyle, sport or social event she always raises the bar and takes proceedings to different level altogether. When the role of an anchor is crucial to the execution of an event or show, she is chosen to value-add to the proceedings.!

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“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire.” (― Oprah Winfrey )